Shoot Yourself

Self Photography Studio


Shoot Yourself

A luxurious self photography studio located at the quirky Pearl's Hill Terrace

Shoot Yourself lets you take control of your photography. 

In a 15-minute fuss-free self photography session, you are handed a clicker connected to a high-end camera set up with a solid backdrop. Take unlimited photos of yourself, your family or your pet. 

There are endless ways to express your creative freedom, the shoot could turn out glamorous, wanky, classy or adventurous - entirely at your discretion.  Ultimately, you are your own visual director and we want you to have fun! 

After the shoot, you'll have 10 minutes at the lounge to review the photos. Choose your best shots and we'll have them printed instantly. 

Welcome to the modern world of premium self photography. Book a session on the link below and shoot away! 


195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #03-17

+65 8044 0317

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